REVIEW- Last One to Lie by J.M. Winchester releases June 9, 2020

*I received an e-book copy of Last One to Lie by Thomas & Mercer and Net Galley in exchange for my review

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I think it’s safe to say that this is the second book in a row that has really surprised me with a twist! Below is the description of Last One to Lie from Amazon:

Moving to a new city was supposed to be a fresh start for her family. Now it’s a nightmare.

Her little girl was supposed to be at day care when Kelsey arrived to pick her up. But they have no record of her daughter ever being there. And to make matters worse, her husband is missing too—he won’t pick up his phone, and the school he supposedly works at says he never accepted their job offer.

Detective Paul Ryan knows something’s up with Kelsey’s story. Kelsey’s husband might be involved in their daughter’s disappearance, but the deeper the detective digs, the more inconsistencies he finds.

As Detective Ryan tries to uncover the truth, what he finds are more deeply buried secrets that someone clearly never wanted found.

What I loved most about Last One to Lie was the whiplash it gave me when the first twist happened. There were several more twists along the way, but the first one really shook me. I am someone who always tries to figure out what happens in a book, even though I really wish I didn’t. I thought I had this figured out and was actually going to be quite disappointed if I had been correct, but thankfully I was wrong.

I also loved that this book revolved around a real-life parent fear. While this is a devastating topic, dropping your child off at a day care that has no record of her ever being there, it’s what makes books so worthy of reading for me. The more realistic and scary a book, the better. Maybe that makes me a really crazy mom who likes to read awful and horrific things about what could happen, but it catches my attention. I feel connected to the characters and am instantly sucked in. This book had me from at the beginning because I just could NOT imagine.

I also loved that this story was told by multiple perspectives. In books I’ve read in the past that use this format, they normally use the name of the person as the title of the chapter. Last One to Lie didn’t have chapter titles, but I can’t share why. You will just have to read it to find out! It was a unique way to present the multiple perspectives and kept me interested for sure.

What I struggled with in this book was my ability to follow along. I can’t say a ton about this because it would reveal a major spoiler, but there were numerous times towards only the end of the book where I was very confused. I had to go back and try to figure out who was speaking and it just made the book a little disjointed for me. I am one who reads every sentence and wants to understand every little detail in a book and there were a few sentences that really made me stop and wonder if I had been understanding and following along.

In summary, I really do think this is a quick and fast-paced book with lots of twists and turns. This was my first experience with J.M. Winchester and I would definitely seek out more books from this author. Thank you to Net Galley and Thomas & Mercer for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

If you have any questions about this book or have read it and want to chat, drop a comment below and let me know!

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