REVIEW- In Five Years: A Novel by Rebecca Serle

*I received this copy of In Five Years from Atria Books.

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In Five Years, by Rebecca Sterle, is about a Type-A Manhattan lawyer who has her entire life planned out. She has landed her desired career and has a new fiancé, but one day she falls asleep and wakes up in a different apartment with a different ring on her finger. She’s also next to a very different man. When she looks at the news on the TV she sees that it is the same night, December 15th, but five years in the future. After a shocking hour, she wakes up again back in 2020. She is determined to put that vision out of her mind, until four-and-a-half years later when she meets the man from her long-ago vision.

I received this book on Monday and was done on Thursday. I read a lot of heavy thrillers and have started to read some books from the horror genre, but my love of reading started with this type of book and I was excited to start right away.

What I loved about this book was the depth and dimension given to the characters; all of them. Often you have one very developed character and several side characters that you kind of have to guess what they are about and who they might be. I felt like I knew every single one in this book because they were all so relatable. I could find something in common with all of them. Their stories strongly resonated with me and I was invested right from the beginning.

I also loved the beautiful and intentional writing style in this book. Every chapter flowed so easily and I did not feel like I was reading pages and pages of backstory. Every word and chapter was needed and important and I feel like this says so much about an author when they don’t write for length, but for purpose. The chapters were also a perfect length, which may not seem important, but it really does help with the flow and keeps you going and wanting more.

What I loved MOST, though, about In Five Years was the actual story. I felt this story. Completely. Deep within me. This story has changed me and I”m not being dramatic. This story has made me look at my own life choices. It’s made me really look at the path I’ve taken and has changed the way I look at my future and my children’s future. In Five Years is so incredibly unique. I have not read anything like this in a very long time, if not ever. My most important take-away was that we must live our lives to the fullest and I want to teach my children to do this as well. As a side note- Atria Books was not wrong when they said you will need tissues. I sat in the car pick-up line crying HUGE tears. It’s real.

What did I not love about In Five Years? The only thing I can come up with is that there isn’t a second book following the main character, Dannie. That’s it. I want more and I want to see how her life continues. I don’t say this often and I usually have an area of a book that either wasn’t believable or was lagging or was confusing. This book came to me at the right time and served me with so much goodness. There is not one thing I disliked. I genuinely LOVED it and I think you will too, if you allow yourself to see the messages and lessons.

In Five Years comes out March 10th and I’ve already preordered a copy. I know I have a copy in my hands, but with a book this good I wanted to support Rebecca Serle in personally ordering beforehand. Go and grab a copy for yourself today. It’s a beautiful story that will make you laugh and cry and I’m better having read it for sure.

Happy Reading!

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